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Welcome to Bull Top Taste Jamaican Restaurant, where we bring the vibrant flavors of Jamaica right to your plate!


About US

Bull Top Top Taste Jamaican Restaurant serves freshly prepared, homemade family recipes of the best Caribbean dishes in South Florida. Owner Delroy "Bull" Blake opened Top Taste in 2011 with one goal, to serve his guests the most authentic, tasty Jamaican food anywhere in Florida.

At Bull Top Taste, we take pride in serving real authentic Jamaican dishes that capture the true essence of the island.

From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be transported to the sunny beaches and lush landscapes of Jamaica, with every bite you take.

The menu at Top Taste features a wide variety of classic Jamaican dishes, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Some of the most popular items include jerk chicken, oxtail, curry goat, stew peas and exceptional side options. Top Taste also offers a variety of seafood dishes, as well as vegetarian and vegan options

Top Taste's staff is friendly and attentive, and they are always happy to help guests choose the perfect dishes. Top Taste is the perfect place to experience the true taste of Jamaica.

Our talented chefs use traditional recipes handed down through generations, infusing each dish with the unique blend of spices and seasonings that make Jamaican cuisine so irresistible. From cow foot, oxtail to ackee and saltfish, our menu is filled with mouthwatering options that will satisfy your cravings and awaken your taste buds.


Delroy " Fada Bull" Blake, born in the vibrant heart of Jamaica and nurtured in the bustling streets of New York City, always had a passion for the authentic flavors of his homeland, stirred by memories of being at his mother's side in the kitchen. "When you're with her, you're put to work," Delroy fondly recalls. This early immersion inspired him to attend a prestigious culinary school in New York. His culinary journey took a significant turn when he became the chef at the renowned 'Jerk Chicken' Jamaican Restaurant in NYC, mastering his craft for 15 fruitful years.

The allure of sunny Florida beckoned, and Delroy, with his trove of Caribbean flavors, answered. It wasn't long before he established his restaurant, treating Floridians to a delectable taste of Jamaica. Riding the waves of success and an ever-growing demand from his loyal 'Caribbean Food Fans', Delroy, with the unwavering support of his wife Shernett, expanded the Top Taste brand.

Now boasting four restaurants, they've solidified their reputation as the ultimate destination for Jamaican cuisine in the Palm Beaches. Grateful and ever-humble, "Bull" continually aims for culinary excellence, always eager to delight his patrons' palates.

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Hours of Operation

Sunday: 9 am to 8 pm

Monday - Saturday : 9 am to 10 om

$6.99 Daily Lunch Specials!

(curry/fried/stew/jerk chicken)

$$7.99 Daily Lunch Specials!!

(curried goat/cow foot/stew peas)

11 am - 2 pm Daily

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